Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Handmade Gift Guide!

I've been looking at so many wonderful Etsy and otherwise Handmade gift guides, so I thought I would put together one myself! Before I present this year's list of handmade gift ideas, click here to see last year's suggestions, because these shops still rock!

Embroidered beauty by Mary's Granddaughter

I splurged and got myself this beautiful piece, and it amazes me. I'm developing a little embroidered art collection, and I believe that anyone who loves needlework would be thrilled to get something from Mary's Granddaughter. Her work is so perfectly executed and beautifully presented!

Animal Portraiture Photo Prints by Sharon Montrose

I have several of her prints, and they simply blow me away with their sleek presentation and striking emotional power. My dream is to have my dogs' photo portraits taken by Sharon Montrose!

Incredible Handmade Beaded Jewelry by Jennifer Morris

I have been dreaming of Jennifer Morris' beads for ages, and I definitely hope to own one of her amazing pieces one day. She's also a very talented photographer.

Unique Porcelain Creations by Alyssa Ettinger

I simply adore Alyssa Ettinger's pristine designs, which are nostalgic and modern at the same time. This lantern in particular is a favorite of mine, and on my own Christmas wishlist! ;)

A Luxurious Handmade Purse by Morelle

I own this beautiful handbag made by Morelle, and I'm in love with its soft leather and beautiful color! This is a very well-made bag, and it arrived so beautifully presented, too! I really love the extra long strap as well. As a plus-sized person, many handbag straps are too short for me, but this one is ideal!

A Super-Awesome Knitted Accessory by Yokoo

I really admire Yokoo and the way she's created a unique style and image for her special designs! I have two of her knitted shopping bags, and I am now lusting after this awesome hat, which reminds me of a super-hot up-do!

A Nostalgic Polaroid Print by Polaroidgirl

Polaroidgirl is a wonderful Photographer whose Polaroids evoke the beauty of the past in our memories and the present in our daily lives. I am lucky enough to own one of her prints and an original(!), and the quality is fantastic!!!

A Mysterious Photograph by ValeriaH Photography

I still haven't bought one of her prints, but I really need to, because I've been admiring her use of light for some time now. This is my favorite photo from her shop, but I really like everything she has to offer.

A Wonderful Interior Painting or Print by Janet Hill

I am fortunate enough to own two original paintings by Janet Hill, including this one, and I can tell you that you cannot fully appreciate them on the computer, because the textures and luminosity in real life are just amazing! Janet also offers amazingly inexpensive prints in her shop as well, so there's something for all budgets. I love her interiors the most; they are whimsical and classic.

Hot Embroidery Patterns and Kits from Sublime Stitching

I am so in love with the wonderful kits and patterns from Sublime Stitching! Although I haven't had the time to embroider as much as I've wanted to, I credit Jenny Hart with making it possible for me to make this crazy piece, my very first embroidery:

If you have someone on your shopping list who wants to learn embroidery, or who wants some killer patterns, visit Sublime Stitching for awesome gifts!

And if you don't want to buy something made by someone else, make something yourself to give! Happy Holidays!

All photos in this post come from the shops cited.

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ValeriaH said...

So many great shops! I really enjoyed looking through your guide. I'm so happy to be included! Thank you!