Thursday, June 26, 2008

Secret Trunkt Sale!

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I've finally taken the plunge and created a Premium Portfolio at Trunkt. I love the layout and the unlimited nature of the portfolios there. And now you can even send futurowoman e-cards from there!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I love orchids, and I am very excited that the one orchid I have right now is preparing to bloom again. When I lived in Santa Barbara, I had several orchids, but they would never re-bloom. I followed all the advice about food and temperature, etc, but they would never send out new shoots. When I moved to Florida, however, I got a new orchid that I completely ignored--I just left it on the patio, never fed it, only occasionally watered it. The humid and warm conditions of that place, however, had that orchid blooming like clockwork every October. When I moved away from Orlando, I gave that orchid to my friend Fon, and I'm sure her green thumb has that orchid blooming still.

When we moved to Texas, I found that our master bathroom has a perfect window for all kinds of plants, and so I invested in a new orchid and sat it on the bathtub near that magical spot. It bloomed three times last year, and now it's about to bloom again. Like my Florida orchid before, I pretty much ignore this plant. I never feed it and only occasionally water it. In honor of my excitement over this plant and its impending blossoms, here is my favorite Polaroid from last year's orchid blooms.

An Orchid's Promise (2007)
Camera: Polaroid Sx-70
Film: Time-Zero

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Monday, June 23, 2008

the summer has just begun, but it's already been so busy!

I cannot believe it's been so long since I wrote anything here! Chalk it up to a crazy, busy summer! My university's spring semester ended in early May, but I only had two days off before I started a crazy three-week "Maymester"--which meant that I taught an entire semester in three weeks! WACKY! In the middle of that, moreoever, I took a 4-day trip to Atlanta where I stayed with my friends Amy and Dan and met their new daughter, Abby! Here's an SX-70 polaroid I shot of them near their lovely home (using Blend film):

The Pasternacks

Isn't she the sweetest little girl? Here's another pic I shot, using my Olympus Evolt DSLR and a little postprocessing in Photoshop!


That same weekend in Atlanta, I also attended my dear friend Laura's wedding to her new awesome husband, Ganoby! Here's an SX-70 polaroid diptych I shot of Laura's beautifully-henned hand and foot, using Blend film:

From the Henna Party

After the Maymester ended, I literally had only one day off, and then it was off to Fort Collins, Colorado, where I spent nine days as an Advanced Placement grader for the AP World History exam! EEEKKKKKK!!!!! I met some awesome people, though, got to hang out with Santa Barbara folks (a wonderful surprise!), and really admired these poppies...

And then the crazy part...after being home for only about 36 hours from Colorado, I hopped in my car and drove from Texas to Minnesota! I gave a paper at the Berkshire Conference of Women Historians in Minneapolis, and then traveled up to Duluth (such a cool town!) to see the mighty Lake Superior! The real purpose of this post is to put up a few pinhole Polaroids that I shot while at the Lake, using my Daylab Pinhole camera and expired Polaroid 669 film. I hope you will enjoy!

By the shining Big-Sea-Water


By the Shores of Gitche Gumme

Prints available at my Etsy shop! More photos will be coming!