Monday, May 12, 2008


Last December, I went to San Francisco for the day, just to spend a few hours enjoying the city and seeing the Pacific, the ocean I used to live near, but now rarely see. I went down to Ocean Beach and shot a lot of film while the rain poured down. This may be my favorite photo of the day; it's a Holgaroid shot, taken with some of my last stash of Type 85 film. This is the positive, and it's a double exposure.

I love the way the seagulls in this photo appear just into the frame, leaving so much empty sky in the shot. This is what the sky above the Pacific is like: endless, vast, birds dodging in and out, and then, nothing but freedom and promise.

Celluloid Pictures of Living (2007)
Title taken from the song by Roxy Music

Thursday, May 8, 2008

trunkt cover!

I'm so excited to see that two of my photos are on the cover of trunkt today! They are the bottom left and second-to-left photos :)

What a great feeling!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Holgaroid fun with the peerless Type 85 film

I really fell in love with Polaroid's Type 85 film. Of course, they cancelled production after I shot my first pack. I scored three additional packs after that, and I still have one left, sitting, longingly, in the fridge. I hope to be brave enough to shoot it soon. Last July, I went out into the countryside near my home here in North Texas and shot two of my favorite Type 85 photos. These are scans from the positives. I adore the way that the expired emulsion created a bit more mystery in these photographs, as well as the framing created by the Holga's stark vignetting.

we live in an imperfect world (2007)

i met some cows today. (2007)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Holgaroid fun

I love my Holgaroid camera, a frankenstein creation fitting a Holga FN with a type 80 Polaroid back. What's more, I've hoarded a good amount of the square Polaroid films, so I can keep shooting with it for awhile, although it will never be long enough. Over the next few days, I'll post some of my favorite photos that I've taken with this delicious picture-making device. I'll start with these, some of my lesser known Holgaroid photographs.

Memories of Summer (2006)
Film: Polaroid Type 88
Location: Leu Gardens, Orlando, Florida

Strive (2006)
Film: Polaroid Type 85 (this is the positive)
Location: Greenwood Cemetery, Orlando, Florida

There's a Big World Out There (2006)
Film: Polaroid Type 88
Model: My terrier, Orson

An Alien's Confection (2008)
Film: Polaroid Type Chocolate 80
Location: Denton, Texas