Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Holgaroid fun with the peerless Type 85 film

I really fell in love with Polaroid's Type 85 film. Of course, they cancelled production after I shot my first pack. I scored three additional packs after that, and I still have one left, sitting, longingly, in the fridge. I hope to be brave enough to shoot it soon. Last July, I went out into the countryside near my home here in North Texas and shot two of my favorite Type 85 photos. These are scans from the positives. I adore the way that the expired emulsion created a bit more mystery in these photographs, as well as the framing created by the Holga's stark vignetting.

we live in an imperfect world (2007)

i met some cows today. (2007)


Faiqa said...

Congrats in the trunkt cover!!!

nancy said...

thank you so much, faiqa!