Thursday, April 29, 2010

WorldwidePinhole Photography Day!

Last Sunday was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, a fun annual photo event that gets people out and about with their homemade and purchased pinhole cameras to shoot the most lo-fi of images! I love it, because it gives me an excuse to go out and take photos using my Daylab Polaroid Pinhole camera, a fun little plastic camera that I always enjoy using. After some years of use, though, I'm having a slight problem with it; the screw mount that attaches it to the tripod has fallen out! I need to get this fixed, because on super-windy days (such as this past Sunday), not being adequately attached to my tripod causes some shake issues with pinhole photography!

In any case, I went out with my Daylab and my Diana+ in pinhole mode (still need to develop those images), and shot some fun pinholes. Here are some of my favorites that I've scanned so far...

The Indian Paintbrush at 10:30 AM
This was taken using my Daylab and expired Polaroid UV/ID film

The Indian Paintbrush at 3:30 PM
This is the same beautiful field of wildflowers as the photo above, except it was taken later in the day, using my Daylab and expired Polaroid 669 film
I've added a print of this one to my Etsy shop!

The Cottage Garden
I took this one at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens, in their Cottage Garden, using my Daylab and expired Polaroid 669 film

More to come! If you've never shot with a pinhole photo, you should try it--it's very fun!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One Hundred

If she were still alive, my grandmother would be 100 years old today. She passed away in 2003, and I'll always miss her. Look at this beautiful photo of her at the age of 16!

Just wanted to share this sweet photo of my sweet grandmother!

Friday, April 16, 2010

First Results from my Proposition!

Awhile back, I posted a blog where I made a proposition to my readers: Send me a pack of Polaroid Time-Zero film, and I'll shoot it for you! Well, two kind people sent me packs of film, and I've shot one of those packs so far! Here are a couple of images from this pack, sent by Jeff. Thank you so much, Jeff, for this amazing pack of Time-Zero expired in 2006!

This is a Secret
signed print available here
I love these beautiful ranunculus flowers, one of my favorite signs of spring!

The Orchids Are Blooming Again
signed print available here
I have a small collection of orchids, and I'm always thrilled when they grace my home with their beautiful blooms!

I have so many more images to share with you from this pack, and I can't wait to shoot the second pack I received as well! And remember, if anyone else would like to take part in this project, check out my proposition and drop me a line! :)