Saturday, July 31, 2010


Sometimes you get a pack of film that is very distinctive. I was so lucky to get this beautiful pack of 9-year expired Time-Zero Polaroid film as part of my Proposition Project, and I love its rich blues and speckled imperfections.

I bought a lovely pale blue and cream hydrangea bouquet to photograph with this pack of film, and I was particularly taken by the way the expired emulsion played with the light shining upon the flowers. Someone on Polanoid mentioned to me that it was reminiscent of moonlight, and I really like that description.

Hydrangea in a Ball Jar, or, Moonlight
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The Essence of Hydrangea
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Both of these photos were taken using my Polaroid SX-70 camera.
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I've been so bad about updating my blog this summer! I've been shooting all kinds of photos, and I have scads to share with you, but I've also been teaching myself to sew this summer! I bought myself a Brother sewing machine (which I love!) and set out to learn to sew! So far, I've finished two projects:

This is my first project--a zip pouch that I based on a pattern in Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing. Everyone was telling me that zippers are really hard, so I decided it was important to start with them, and I actually didn't find it that challenging.

This is my second project--another zip pouch! This time, however, I followed this great tutorial by Twelve22; it's got great tips for sewing in the lining that I found quite easy. I also put this rad retro label in there, just for fun! :)

I've also started a quilt! So far, I'm just in the earliest cutting stages, but I'm excited about getting underway!

So far, I've found teaching myself easy. However, I decided that it would be great to take a class, but with my busy schedule--as well as a lack of local classes that seem reasonable--I couldn't find one. Then, I learned about this awesome online class series, Home Ec from Freckled Nest!

I'm so excited to take this class, which seems perfect for me, because it's go-at-your-own-pace and you can take up to a year to complete it. I love that all of the projects are functional and teach valuable skills. I'll keep you posted on my progress! In the meantime, do you sew? If so, share! If not...maybe you need to sign up for Home Ec! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cold War Unicorns

Cold War Unicorns (2010)
Camera: Polaroid Sx-70
Film: Polaroid Time-Zero (expired 2006)
This is from my first Proposition pack.
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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day to all of my compatriots!

Alamo Discount Fireworks (2010)
Camera: Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1 Model 2
Film: Polaroid Time-Zero (expired 2001!)
Location: Denton County, Texas, USA

This is a photo from my second pack of film from my Proposition Project! I've many more photos to share with you in coming weeks!