Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Banality of Banality

I've been so busy with work over the last couple of months that I've barely had a chance to share a large backlog of photos I've taken! This is a quickie: two Polaroids I shot this past Friday while I was in Fort Worth.

Metro Food Outlet
This place is in Lake Worth, and it reminds me of something that may be in Martin Parr's Boring Postcards. It's simply insanely perfect, banners and all!

Cleaning Supplies at the 99¢ only store
I've been in love with the displays at the 99¢ Only Stores since I visited my first one on Wilshire in LA. This one is in Fort Worth, Texas. Love those nearly-invisible Care Bear fabric softeners!

Both of these photos were taken using my Polaroid Sx-70 camera, expired 600 Polaroid film, and no ND filter. I hope to have more time to share more photos soon!

Also, if you're so inclined, please check out this interview with me at Morgana Wilborn's great blog!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Harinezumi Contest!

Hey everyone! The people at Superheadz are putting on a rad contest for the best films made by their Digitial Harinezumi camera. As you know, I'm a big fan of this tiny camera, so I'm totally going to enter this contest! Better hurry, though, because submissions are due by May 21st!

Visit this site for more info!

And here's the first film I ever made with my Zumi: "Laika Gets Hot!"

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Final Day of 'Roid Week, Spring 2010!

Yesterday was the last day of 'Roid Week for Spring 2010, and I posted three photos! First, I posted these two (there is a limit of two per day/per person), both of Orson, my little dog, and both from my February session as a tester of the new Impossible Project film:

Orson Giving Me His Look
When Orson wants something, he sits up really straight, looks at you with this face, and high-fives you and makes weird little noises until you submit to his will!

Orson, February 2010
I love his cute profile and the grain in this photo. However, no one else seemed to like this photo in the 'Roid Week pool, and yesterday morning, I shot the below photo of Laika, so I took this second one of Orson out of the pool and added this one:

Laika, 7 May 2010
I used my Sx-70 and Fade to Black film for this one.

Overall, 'Roid Week was amazing, and I can't wait until the next one in the Fall!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Roid Week-Day 4!

'Roid Week keeps on truckin! Here are my two contributions to today's pool!

This is one of my shots from my experience as a tester of the new Impossible Project integral film (called Type 40 in the test), using my SX-70 camera. I love this flower and the way each petal has discreet channels for water and nectar to flow in and out.

Fade-to-Black Orchids
This one was taken using my Sx-70 and Fade to Black film, then scanned about 2 minutes into the development process.

Only one more day of 'Roid Week for Spring 2010! I need to figure out what my last two shots will be...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

'Roid Week, Day 3 = Laika Day!

Today is Day 3 of 'Roid Week, and I decided to share a couple of instant photos of Laika, my whippet, today!

A Laika Holgaroid in the Backyard, 24 March 2010
This was taken using my Holgaroid and expired Type 89 film

Rainy Day Whippet
This is a moody, arty photo that few people seem to like on Flickr, but I love it! This is Laika, doing what she does on rainy days!
I took this using my Polaroid SX-70 and expired 600 B&W film that Anne gave me (thank you!)

Only two more days of 'Roid Week! See you tomorrow :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

'Roid Week, Day 2!

This Spring's 'Roid Week is already blowing me away! There are so many great photos in the Flickr pool, I'm in awe of all of the amazing photographers shooting instant film! Here are my two submissions from today! They were both taken using my beloved Holgaroid and expired Type 89 film.

Jack Starr Cut Rate Liquors
Anyone who looks at my photographs regularly knows that I love to shoot signs. Some people have told me it's cliché, but I think it's important to record these crazy expressions of consumer culture. It is the historian in me, no doubt, that salivates at the sight of a particularly awesome mid-century sign still hawking its wares. This one is in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, a city that has a great selection of vintage signs!

Clown Burgers (a Holgaroid Version)
I took several pics of this sign in Haltom City, Texas, because it's just too cool not to. This is my favorite of the Holgaroid pics I shot. There were some that had more of the sign, but I really liked the angle and faded colors of this one. You can see my Time-zero version here.

Still three more days of 'Roid Week, so if you've got some instant film, shoot it and join the fun!

Monday, May 3, 2010

It's Roid Week 2010, Day 1!

I'm totally excited about this spring's 'Roid Week! Today's the first day, and the group pool is already packed with awesome instant photography images! Here are my first two submissions, both shot with my SX-70 and using the gorgeous Time-Zero I received as part of my proposition to my readers!

The Thing of Dreams
This is yet another shot of the red poppy anemones I got awhile back. I couldn't stop photographing this beautiful wildflower bouquet!
There is a signed print of this photo in my etsy shop!

The Redbuds
A beautification group in my town gives away small trees once a year to residents, and a few years ago, I got a dormant redbud tree from them to plant. It looked like a stick, but it's grown into an impressive young tree now! This spring, it was covered in redbuds, too, which was beautiful!

I can't wait to share more Polaroids with you all week long as part of 'Roid Week, and see all the other great photos taken all over the world with instant cameras and film!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

More Photos from my First Proposition!

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I sent out a call for people to send me packs of Time-Zero film to shoot, in exchange for the originals! Well, here's the second installment of my presentation of some of the photos I've taken from the first pack I received. You can see the first installment here. I hope you enjoy them!

Red and Purple Anemones in a Jar
I love these beautiful flowers; they became the subject for many photos, including one of my favorites that I've ever taken, which you can see here.

Clown Hamburgers
I love this sign, which I found in Haltom City, Texas! I hear the burgers there are awesome, but they were closed when I visited. I'll have to go back!

I'll be sharing more photos from this awesome pack of film very soon! Thank you so much to Jeff for this special chance to shoot my favorite film again!

Prints of these photos are in my Etsy shop!

More from Worldwide Pinhole Day!

Last Sunday was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, and I thought I'd post more from that day before the start of 'Roid Week 2010 tomorrow! ;)

One of the places where I did some shooting was at this cool retro dry cleaners on Main Street in Fort Worth. I really like the composition in both of these photos; I think my composition is usually funky, but these are particularly so because you're never quite sure what you'll get with pinhole.

Employee Parking

For Clothes That Money Can't Buy

Another place where I took some photos was the beautiful Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. The building is stunning, and so is the collection, but I was particularly excited to find this fun retro Le Sabre parked in front! It was a windy day, and the screw mount attachment for the tripod on my Daylab Polaroid Pinhole camera is broken, so these photos are slightly blurry from the shake.

The Sabre

A Le Sabre at the Museum

All of these photos were taken using expired Polaroid UV/ID film, except the last one, which was taken using expired Polaroid 669 film. Thank you for looking!