Saturday, May 8, 2010

Final Day of 'Roid Week, Spring 2010!

Yesterday was the last day of 'Roid Week for Spring 2010, and I posted three photos! First, I posted these two (there is a limit of two per day/per person), both of Orson, my little dog, and both from my February session as a tester of the new Impossible Project film:

Orson Giving Me His Look
When Orson wants something, he sits up really straight, looks at you with this face, and high-fives you and makes weird little noises until you submit to his will!

Orson, February 2010
I love his cute profile and the grain in this photo. However, no one else seemed to like this photo in the 'Roid Week pool, and yesterday morning, I shot the below photo of Laika, so I took this second one of Orson out of the pool and added this one:

Laika, 7 May 2010
I used my Sx-70 and Fade to Black film for this one.

Overall, 'Roid Week was amazing, and I can't wait until the next one in the Fall!

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