Sunday, May 2, 2010

More from Worldwide Pinhole Day!

Last Sunday was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, and I thought I'd post more from that day before the start of 'Roid Week 2010 tomorrow! ;)

One of the places where I did some shooting was at this cool retro dry cleaners on Main Street in Fort Worth. I really like the composition in both of these photos; I think my composition is usually funky, but these are particularly so because you're never quite sure what you'll get with pinhole.

Employee Parking

For Clothes That Money Can't Buy

Another place where I took some photos was the beautiful Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. The building is stunning, and so is the collection, but I was particularly excited to find this fun retro Le Sabre parked in front! It was a windy day, and the screw mount attachment for the tripod on my Daylab Polaroid Pinhole camera is broken, so these photos are slightly blurry from the shake.

The Sabre

A Le Sabre at the Museum

All of these photos were taken using expired Polaroid UV/ID film, except the last one, which was taken using expired Polaroid 669 film. Thank you for looking!

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