Thursday, May 6, 2010

Roid Week-Day 4!

'Roid Week keeps on truckin! Here are my two contributions to today's pool!

This is one of my shots from my experience as a tester of the new Impossible Project integral film (called Type 40 in the test), using my SX-70 camera. I love this flower and the way each petal has discreet channels for water and nectar to flow in and out.

Fade-to-Black Orchids
This one was taken using my Sx-70 and Fade to Black film, then scanned about 2 minutes into the development process.

Only one more day of 'Roid Week for Spring 2010! I need to figure out what my last two shots will be...


Terresa said...

Completely mind blowing the Channels pic. Wow on top of Wow!!!! :) Excellent work!

futurowoman said...

Thank you so much! You may be the first person who has said to me that they like that photo. I love it myself :)