Monday, March 22, 2010


They said it couldn't be done, but the IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT is bringing back original instant film for your classic SX-70 camera!!!!!

I was deeply honored to be selected to be one of the test photographers of the new, beautiful Impossible Project film for SX-70 cameras, and I'd like to share some of my favorites from the 32 shots I made for them! (I will keep posting throughout the week!) What you see here are test photos; the final product may provide different results for you, but the wonderful thing about this new film is its flexibility and fluidity. I am so overwhelmed and honored to have been a part of this history, and I am so grateful to the Impossible Project for making this day possible.

These two photos have been selected by the Impossible team to be part of their first presentation of materials, and are currently hanging at their headquarters in New York City.

The Campus Theatre (2010)
Denton, Texas, USA

An Open Chrysanthemum (2010)

And these are three of my favorites from my test photos:

Orson, February 2010
My precious little terrier boyfriend!

The Blonde
One of my Susie Sad Eyes dolls

The Orchids
I love the grain in this photo--it's one of my favorites.

I am overwhelmed by the honor of being a tiny part of this monumental moment of photography history. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the Impossible Project for making this possible! Be sure to watch the film about the new film here!

Remember the words of Edwin Land, the inventor of Polaroid: "Don't undertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible."


Alicia said...

Lucky you! I am so excited to see more of your test shots. What a wonderful week this will be!

mkendall said...

wow, what an honor! I love the results. Looks like I'm going to have fun playing soon.

futurowoman said...

Thank you so much, Ladies! You will love this beautiful film :)

Jes said...

Those are gorgeous! I can't wait to play with that film myself!

Hilary said...

These are super!

ashley said...

Oh man, this is so awesome. These shots are absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait...

Jeff said...

These are great! Nice work, and big congratulations. Must be a great feeling to know you were part of history.

Coyote said...

How exciting for you! And what GORGEOUS photos. Congratulations :-)

Catherine Just said...

YOU ARE AMAZING and the images are BEAUTIFUL!
I just found out the news and I am SO EXCITED!

Congratulations on your involvement with this new invention!

Marcela Valdovinos said...

Great photos!
I'm happy with all their work!