Wednesday, May 5, 2010

'Roid Week, Day 3 = Laika Day!

Today is Day 3 of 'Roid Week, and I decided to share a couple of instant photos of Laika, my whippet, today!

A Laika Holgaroid in the Backyard, 24 March 2010
This was taken using my Holgaroid and expired Type 89 film

Rainy Day Whippet
This is a moody, arty photo that few people seem to like on Flickr, but I love it! This is Laika, doing what she does on rainy days!
I took this using my Polaroid SX-70 and expired 600 B&W film that Anne gave me (thank you!)

Only two more days of 'Roid Week! See you tomorrow :)

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