Friday, August 13, 2010

Color Shade is Here!

The Impossible Project keeps amazing me with their inventiveness! They've been working hard, creating new films--from scratch!--for all of us who love to shoot instant Polaroid cameras, and they just released their first color film! It's called PX 70 Color Shade, it's made for the SX-70, and this is the first photo I took with my first pack. The film takes a few days to fully develop, so I scanned a few versions, to show you how the images transform.

Laika in ColorShade (August 2010)

Here is the photo has about one hour of development. I love the cracklature effect!

Here's the photo about 17.5 hours after exposure. Notice the colors becoming richer and the illusion of cracklature disappearing...

...and here is the photo about five days after development.

I am in love with this new film, and I'm excited to watch the Impossible Project's progress as they reinvent instant photography! Thank you, IP!

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