Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fascinating photographs of Afghanistan from 1974

As an historian and a photographer, I am always interested in primary documents that emerge from a camera. I just stumbled across a really interesting photo set on Flickr taken by an Australian woman named Wendy Tanner. She shot many gorgeous slides while traveling through Afghanistan in 1974. These startling images reflect elements of life in that country before the Soviet invasion and subsequent (coming up on) thirty years of war suffered by the Afghan people. I can't help but wonder about the people in her photos. What have they experienced since then? Are they still alive? Have they been forced from their homes? It's horrible to imagine, but I am grateful that she posted these primary documents for us to peruse and ponder.

This one may be my favorite. Blue Glass Kabul by Wendy Tanner


Robyn said...

Extraordinarily beautiful photos from a dear friend and wonderful artist -

John said...

Kabul Media has over 1,000 photographs from Afghanistan in their royalty free library. Their website is