Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

It's been forever, I know! I have so much to share...I will, I promise!

In the meantime, spring is here! And that means...Easter and its icons! I pulled out my SX-70 and shot some Polaroids to share with you!

The Humble Peep (Sx-70 Blend Film)
An American Easter Obsession!

Tweet! (Artistic TZ Film)
(I'm on Twitter, by the way...)

Peter Rabbit (Artistic TZ Film)
Chocolate Beatrix Potter, anyone?

Three Golden Bunnies (Sx-70 Blend Film)
Who doesn't love Lindt chocolates? From Switzerland With Love!

Easter Eggs (Sx-70 Blend Film)
More coming for Orthodox Easter...this was the test drive.

Happy Spring to you and yours!
xo Nancy

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Photos 01 said...

So you like photography, too!

I'm into photographing flowers as still life images. Have you tried that?

Today, I posted a still life image of some peonies I did a few years back. Come visit me at