Friday, November 5, 2010

Roid Week Fall 2010, Day 5

It's been an amazing Roid Week, and I'd like to thank everyone for sharing their inspiring images! If you'd like to get in on the instant photography action, check out the Impossible Project and their amazing work making new film and restored cameras available to the world!

I had a dream, and the dream became a plan, and the plan became actualized:
You and me, sitting on the beach.
Counting the sets as the waves broke.
Watching the Pacific belie its name.

SX-70 camera
Impossible Project PX70FF film

The Flatiron in Winter (negative)
The Flatiron in Winter (negative)
Polaroid 104 + Sepia 100 film Negative (levels adjusted)
You can see the positive here.

Thank you.


Leovi said...

I like your blog is very attractive

Lajos Gombos said...

Wonderful! My favorite is the negative sepia!