Sunday, November 28, 2010

Here's Harper!

My friends Diana & Josh just had their little daughter, Harper, and I was lucky enough to take some photos of her yesterday (at the tender age of 17 days old!) Here are some of my favorite pics that I took of her--isn't she precious?!?!?

First of all, here are a few digital photos that I took using my Olympus e-300 DSLR and a beautiful Zuiko 50mm lens.

And of course I had to take some SX-70 Polaroids as well! (The film is expired 600):

I'm so excited to watch Harper grow and discover the world around her--and of course, I've already explained to her parents that I'll be watching with a camera in my hands! :)

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Balaphoto said...

Great shots!! Salut!!

Frank, Barcelona