Saturday, October 25, 2008

Alternative Giving Spotlight: Heifer International

One of the things I like to do on my blog from time to time is spotlight organizations and businesses who are making a difference in our world. One of the charities that I really admire and love to support is Heifer International. Founded in the 1940s with the goal of "teaching a man to fish," Heifer International provides livestock, bees, trees, and training to impoverished people around the world. They are given animals appropriate to their environment and cultures, taught how to care for them, and pass on the benefits of the next generation of animals to their neighbors.

One of the really cool things about Heifer International is that they encourage alternative gifting, which means that you can buy a share in an animal in the name os someone you love and give that to them as a gift! If you're inclined toward that kind of thing, Heifer is the charity for you! I recently donated a hive of honeybees to a family in the name of my mother, and gave other special people shares of a dairy goat for a child and a knitting box (that is, two llamas and two sheep) for a family. What a great way to celebrate the holiday season, by helping other people sustain their livelihoods and support their communities!

Photo from Heifer International

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