Sunday, October 12, 2008

The SX-70 as presented by the Eames'

Everyone who knows about my photography knows that my Polaroid Sx-70 has become one of my prized possessions. The experience of shooting with that camera is really an adventure, and I've been lucky to shoot a lot of the beautiful, peerless Time-Zero film through mine. I wanted to share this film I found with you; it's the film Polaroid created in the early 1970s to introduce the SX-70 to the world. Made by the mighty Eames', it is a lovely introduction, as well as unintentional elegy, to the wonderful world of the Sx-70.

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Anonymous said...

Its a great little film isn't it ?
Like you, my SX70 is one of my favourite things. I am treasuring all the shots I have left. Did you know you can get a filter so that you can shoot 600 film with it ( without having to make any other adjustments to the camera). It will run out sometime too,but at least you can still get it.