Saturday, May 9, 2009

Santa Barbara Love

Aside from my childhood hometown (Modesto, California), I've lived in Santa Barbara longer than any other place in my life (so far.) I lived there for eight years, between 1993 and 2001, although I would skip away for research to other places sometimes (mostly the UK and Jerusalem). I moved to SB for graduate school at UCSB, and, after getting my Ph.D. there, moved away in the summer of 2001 to take my first job as a professor. Since then, I've visited when I could, and many special moments in my life have taken place there.

It's so painful to know that the beautiful city is burning. Friends are evacuated from their homes, places I've lived are in the zones of danger, and, like all natural disasters, there's nothing anyone can do except wait and see how long the fire lasts. I'm sending out this message as a kind of prayer for everyone in Santa Barbara, Goleta, and Montecito suffering through the fire; I hope it is contained and extinquished soon, and especially that no life is lost.

Here is my favorite beach in Santa Barbara. Officially, it's called Arroyo Burro beach, but locals call it Hendry's. Hendry's is a mellow, wild beach, with dolphins more often that not right offshore. I shot this photo at sunrise in late December 2003 and I hope you like it.

Sunrise at Hendry's (2003)
Camera: Olympus APS point-and-shoot
Film: Kodak APS 800 speed

For more on the Jesusita Fire, click here.

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