Saturday, March 29, 2008

For a moment, collages

I've been hoping to get some time lately to make a new batch of collages. I got really into collage-making in 2006, and have been making collages in my Moleskine off and on ever since, as well as Polaroid collages and little ATC-sized creations. One of the main themes to emerge in my collage work has been sexuality and sexual imaginings; you can see some of my less-racy collages (although still not "safe" for work, innocent eyes, etc.) here and some of the even harder ones can be found here.

I'm very excited, as tomorrow my collages will be one of the features of the new issue of Left Hand Rotation, one of the premier Indie art sites from Europe! Click here for a sneak peak of the feature!

The collage below is one of my favorite pieces I've done, and it has a story behind it that makes it even more special to me. My friend Vito has a salvage business in Philadelphia, and he's always finding weird and wonderful stuff in the cars he processes. One day he found several boxes of still-sealed Polaroid Time-Zero film, expired in 1980, in one of the cars. It had been submerged, and the packages were waterlogged. However, he dried them out and sent them to me, just to see if they were still functional. Unfortunately, the batteries were corroded and the chemicals were dried up, so the film wouldn't work. However, I was able to keep some of them and make some collages, including this one. I really like it. And, since I still have a lot of this special old film from Vito, I'll be able to make many more Time-Zero collages in the future!

Asylum After the War (2006)
Mixed-Media Collage using Waterlogged Time-Zero Polaroid Film (expired in 1980) and ephemera

Have a great weekend!

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