Monday, November 9, 2009

Futurowoman Fotographie Giveaway!

UPDATE! Entries have now closed! I will announce the winners tonight (11/25) on this blog, so stay tuned! Thank you to all who entered and good luck!

I'm having a giveaway!!!

I'm excited to announce a Futurowoman Fotographie giveaway, starting today and ending November 25th at Noon Central Standard Time! Between now and then, everyone may enter per the rules below.

What will the winners get?

GRAND PRIZE: The Grand Prize winner will get to choose any print from my Etsy shop in the size of her/his choice, up to size 12x12" or 11x14"!
First Runner Up: The First Runner Up will get to choose any print from my Etsy shop in the size of her/his choice, up to size 8x8" or 8x10"!
Second Runner Up: The Second Runner Up will get to choose any print from my Etsy shop in the size of her/his choice, up to size 5x5" or 5x7"!

How do you enter? Here are the ways:

1) You must become a fan of Futurowoman Fotographie on Facebook. Click here to become a fan!
2) Make a comment here on this blog confirming that you are a Facebook Fanpage fan, and include a link from my shop with your favorite print from my Etsy shop!

That's it--you're entered! Now, if you'd like additional entries, you may get them by:

1) Twittering about this contest and adding a comment here linking to your twitter.
2) Blogging about this contest and adding a comment here linking to your blog.

Thank you so much! I look forward to giving away some of my prints in this contest!

Dancing Queen (2005)
Camera: Lomo LC-A
Film: Kodak Ektachrome e100g, Cross Processed
Location: Orlando, FL


katarina said...

Hello, I´m a fan from Facebook, (well, originally from Etsy).
It´s hard to pick a favourite because they´re all beautiful, but I went for this one in the end:

katrina and the king said...

just became a fan on FB. so great that you're having this giveaway; i just had my first one! My favorite of the moment is this number

katrina and the king said...

tweeted: KlbK

@futurowoman RT this great fun and quirky photographer is having a GIVEAWAY! hope more ppl enter hers than did mine!
less than 5 seconds ago from web

katrina and the king said...

...and finally, blogged

;) have a great day

futurowoman said...

Thank you both so much! Two Katrinas for the first entrants! :)

Victoria said...


I'm already a fan on facebook :)
It's hard to choose a favourite of your wonderful work, but I'll pick this one!

Faiqa said...

Me, me!! Pick me! :) I love them all, but this is the one I've had my eye on for a while...

Faiqa said...


Faiqa: RT @futurowoman GIVEAWAY! now through 11/25 to win prints from her Etsy shop!

less than 10 seconds ago from web

PJ Taylor said...

I'm a very recent discoverer of your work from Twitter and I'm an instant fan. This is one of my faves from your Etsy shop:

Hannah said...

I've become a fan on Facebook!

It was difficult to choose but I think this has to be my favourite

Anonymous said...

I became a facebook fan! (fi figueroa)

This is def. my favorite!!


drew.martin said...

oh joy! i'm a facebook fan!
and i tweeted this contest (

my favorite of yours would have to be of that lounge in tucumcari. i lived in new mexico from birth til the age of 8. it would be really cool to have a photo, especially a polaroid print, of something out that way.

shandenn said...

aah! this is so great! i fanned the facebook page and tweeted!


and all i said when i saw this was "WANT!"...

Katarina said...

tweeted! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Love your work. I'm a Facebook fan as well! It was a tough choice, but my favorite of yours is

Thank you! :)


futurowoman said...

Thank you so much, everyone! :)

Anonymous said...

love love love.




Farmer Jo said...

I don't facebook.. can I still enter?

futurowoman said...

Hi Farmer Jo!
This giveaway is only for Facebookers, but I'm planning another one in Dec that will be open to all! <3 Thank you!

Diana Leilani said...

It is always crazy difficult to choose a favorite.

Right now mine is definitely:

"We Live in an Imperfect World"



Karen Beth said...

A giveaway! Wahoo! I LOVE your work! I have one of your Blythe prints and just adore her.

I've been a fan of yours on Facebook for awhile now!

While I'm hard-pressed to pick one favorite, I guess this one really speaks to me just a wee bit more than the others:

Absolutely amazing.

I don't blog or Twitter but I'm posting this on Facebook! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

jennlynnjones said...

I'm a Facebook Fan and a personal fan! :-)

jennlynnjones said...

twitterd at:

and facebooked at jennlynnjones

e said...

I'm a fan, and this is my fave!

sam said...

Great work! I'm a fan on facebook and this photo is my favourite I also found it very hard to choose a fav ( my runner up favourite is this image: )

Michele P. said...

FB fan M Pineda... my favorite is this one:

I love neon signs and the vibrant colors against the dark night sky are gorgeous!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Anonymous said...

I'm a FB fan! I love so many of your prints but if I could only pick one, though the fun at the fair print screams my name too.

amandahuye at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

i have added you on facebook.

my favorite:

tazim at minimumharm dot com

Sabine said...

I became a facebook fan. I had to pick 3:
the empire state building.

the flying merry-go-round.

and the cool wigwam Motel!

Jess said...

I am a fan of yours on Facebook but I discovered you a while ago on Flickr. :) I love your photography so much and this is my favorite:

I hope that I win! Thank you so much! :)


Jess said...

I tweeted your contest too!


RT @futurowoman GIVEAWAY! now through 11/25 to win prints from her Etsy shop!

Sarah Regnier said...

Hi! Just became a fan on Facebook - however I've been following and enjoying your blog for quite some time! My *favirote* print is the Wigwam motel:

saraheregnier (at) gmail (dot) com

Sarah Regnier said...

I just posted a tweet about your contest: Be sure to enter! futurowoman GIVEAWAY! now through 11/25 to win prints from her Etsy shop!



Alicia said...

Of course I am a fan!
I had a hard time choosing. But, I am in a black and white mood today, so this really feels perfect.
Have a nice long weekend!- Alicia

nicolle said...

i'm huge fan! just signed up on FB! what a great giveaway. i' crossing my fingers. i never win anything.

this is my favorite shot:


nicolle said...

posted on twitter


caballosblancos said...


Worth a whirl. And thanks for the advice.